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Strip Placement

Strip Placement
Michael Erwin Ross Martin (Team Leader) Tao Nguyen Clifton Weng Ursula Zangrilli Dr. Chun and Prof. Dougherty Overview Introduction Objectives Ideas and Results


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Evaluate the rhythm strip at the bottom of the 12-lead for the following Correct electrode placement. Recognize and know how to correct problems


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EKG Basics
What is an EKG? The electrocardiogram (EKG) is a representation of the electrical events of the cardiac cycle. Each event has a distinctive waveform, the study of


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Practice Alert ST Segment Monitoring
Electrode Placement . Limb leads (I,II,III) Place to decrease muscle artifact during limb movement; Placement; Right Arm (RA) infra-clavicular fossa close to


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12 Lead ECGs Introduction
... quality is usually 0.5 Hz to 20-50 Hz Usually printed on the ECG recording strip Hair removal Skin preparation Age & Quality of Electrodes & Cables Electrode Placement


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Rhythms & Cardiac Emergencies
……and the FEMALES Lead Placement in the Female Lead Placement Heart & 12 ? Lead Strip Correlation 12 ? Lead Strips Remember: Every lead is like a “camera angle


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Basic Arrythmias
Reading a Rhythm Strip What Do I Look For? Regularity - What is the R This patient may need to have an angioplasty or stent placement or CABG to open up


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... Patient must remember to have monitor at all times, patients forget how to use technology due to infrequent use, etc. Single lead ECG rhythm strip


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Temporary Pacemakers
4/07 . 1 . Temporary Pacemakers . Sue Shepard, RN, BSN. Electrophysiology Care 4/07 . 49 . Practice Strip#1


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Fire Ground Operations
Ground ladder placement; Defensive operations; Collapse; PPV possibilities COMMERCIAL ? Row stores one or two story, big box store (strip mall


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