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U.S. EPA Draft Pollution Prevention Program Strategic Plan
leveraging P2 programs across traditional core programs (e.g., supporting EPA compliance assistance priorities with a stronger P2 focus)


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Green Seal’s Environmental Standards & Certification
Green Seal’s Environmental Standards & Certification . The Role of Standards Setting Processes: Defining "What is Green?" NPPR Webinar March 5, 2009


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Pollution Prevention (P2)
Pollution Prevention “Any practice which reduces the amount of hazardous substance or pollutant entering a waste stream or being released to the environment.”


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Pollution Prevention (P2) Is.....
Pollution Prevention (P2) Is..... Using materials, processes, or practices, that reduce or eliminate pollution or wastes at the source.


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Session P2 - WBS Review
CVISN Planning Workshop . 3/25/11 . P2 - 1 . The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory . CVISN PLANNING WORKSHOP . Day 0, P2 Work Breakdown Structure Review


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P2 ? RMS Interface
P2 ? RMS Interface . One P2 Project to one RMS Contract . One P2 Project to multiple RMS Contracts . Multiple P2 Projects to one RMS Contract


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P2 Results Data Collection: Planning for Results
P2 Results Data Collection: Planning for Results . National Environmental Partnership Summit. New Orleans. May 8, 2007


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Overview of GHG and P2 Cost Savings Tools Training Module
Overview of GHG and P2 Cost Savings Tools Training Module: 2009 . Natalie Hummel. Kathy Davey. Charles Bevington. Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT)


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Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization (P2/WMin) in
P2/WMin . 2 . Objectives . Terminal Objective. Given the Environmental Laws and Regulations course manual as a reference, you will be able to:


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P2 Framework Models Overview
1 . P2 Framework Models Overview Jan. 2003 . P2 Framework Models Overview . Bill Waugh. U.S. EPA. [email protected]


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