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Edge Wireless
Edge Wireless Presents: 2006 BYU-I Rate Plan and Phone Training Change- Over Benefits & Expectations GSM vs. TDMA Coverage Voice Quality Handsets (battery life


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National Communications Forum: Session T-01
“Give Your Company the Competitive Edge” Wireless DSL Consortium . New group formed in July 2000 and composed of Fixed Broadband Wireless equipment and chip


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The Alvarion Edge BreezeNET DS.11 Success Stories
2 . 2 . The product Family . BU-DS.11 - Basestation Unit: 802.11b Standard Wireless Ethernet; Wi-Fi (WECA) compliant; Enables 802.11 access to 802.3 (Ethernet)


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The Blunt Edge of American Broadband: the future of the
The Blunt Edge of American Broadband: the future of the broadband local loop Built on best wireless/software technology; Highest path loss for maximum cell


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Wireless Access in 2006 and Beyond
EDGE . Wireless evolution: 3 major streams . CDMA IS-95A . CDMA . IS-95B . 1xRTT EDGE . Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution. Uses 8PSK modulation. 3x


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... Packet Radio Service HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution Short Message Service (SMS) Globally accepted wireless


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IEEE 802.11 is Good Enough to Build Wireless Multi-Hop Networks
Whether a given set of edge-rates are feasible or not? Wired Networks - Edge Rate < Capacity of the Edge. Wireless Networks - Optimal Scheduling


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The Evolution of TDMA to 3G & 4G Wireless Systems
Complement to EDGE/UMTS . High peak data rates (up to 10 Mb/s) in a 5 MHz channel . 4G Wireless: One View


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Investing in the Core, Leveraging at the Edge
Other wireless devices . Performance venues . CORE:Things largely unseen and unknown to system users . EDGE: Things users see, know, and experience


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An Examination of Edge Conditions of Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (Bitchslapping WIDS/WIPS) Eldon Sprickerhoff eSentire, Inc.


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