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Basic 3G Services

Basic 3G Services
IPv6 for 3G Gopinath Rao Sinniah Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST) Evolution of Spectrum 3G Spectrum allocations 3G System Capabilities …


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Overview of 3G
3G-specific services take advantage of higher bandwidth and/or real-time QoS . A number of mobile services are bearer independent in nature


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3G & WLAN Dual Network Integration and Proposed Applications
Scenario 6 ? Access to 3G CS Services; Access to 3G Circuit Switched (CS Dual-band wireless access basic services are main on E-mail, IMS and VoIP.


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New PowerPoint Template
... EDGE: Seamless coverage extension for reduced set of 3G services High-speed corporate data access ? 128 kbit/s Streaming ? 64 kbps (up to 128 kbps) enables basic


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Li Gang Vice President, China Unicom Nov. 15, 2006
3G Services . Voice Services . Basic Data Services . Value-added Data Services . Voice Services . VOIP . Value-added Voice Services . MVPN . Internet Services


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EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference 2003
Basic Technology Concepts WiFi b-a-g . IEEE Standards for Wireless LAN Spread CDMA/NA are three competing wideband CDMA technologies for “true” 3G services.


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3G Tutorial
Basic services; SM MT (Mobile Terminated) SM MO (Mobile Originated) (3GPP2) SM MO can be & streaming media . Multi-Media GW . RTP . Common Technology Platform for 3G-324M Services


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Next Generation (NextG) Wireless Networks
Access to any services (voice, video, data, etc.) Requires high Third Generation (3G) Two basic proposals to handle voice and data; Ericsson


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basic applications . basic QoS requirements OSA (Open Services Architecture/Access) 3G network . API . API . API . Service Creation Environment (SCE)


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Next Generation Wireless Access …From The Indian Perspective
3G will facilitate higher speed & data throughputs, enable delivery of wide range of multimedia services. 3G both relevant & important for India as:


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