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Picture Storybooks

Picture Storybooks
Picture Storybooks . A combination of . the art of storytelling and . the art of illustration . Children’s Literature


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Picture Books
Picture Storybooks . Illustrations and text are equally important in telling the story; Intended to be read aloud; Ages 4-7 and 8 and up


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Picture Book for Children
Picture Book for Children . One that ; Provides children with a read and enjoyed independently by children 8 years old and up. Picture storybooks are the


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Children’s Literature and Language Arts Strategies
Picture storybooks with simple plots and beautiful illustrations; Concept books-counting books, abc books, opposites; Nursery rhymes; Folktales with good and bad


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Defining and Evaluating Picture Books
Picture books, picture storybooks, and illustrated books are similar in that illustrations play an integral role in each format. These terms are often used


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Educational Psychology, Canadian Edition
Digital or computerized versions of traditional picture storybooks can promote phonological awareness, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension


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The Categories (or Genres) of Children’s and YA Literature
Wordless Picture Books . Predictable Books; Beginning Reader Picture Books; Picture Storybooks; Engineered Books; Baby/Board Books


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PowerPoint Presentation
Literary texts can be based on fiction or fact and includes written and spoken texts. e.g. picture storybooks, traditional stories, speeches, novels, short stories


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Working with Young Children
Picture Books=single words or simple sentences and plots; Storybooks=More words, complex plots, fewer pictures; Family Life Stories-problems are resolved to


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Reading Aloud
For beginning readers, picture storybooks with interesting storyline but simple text are the first choice. (a great collection of books for reading aloud, see The


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