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IP Camera Solutions

IP Camera Solutions
Main Features . Dual / Triple Encoding . or Dual / Multiple Streaming . The IP devices provide three compression formats and dual stream using image processing


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Solutions for Video Monitoring Over IP
Product Solutions for Video Over IP The Network Camera Function . A network camera is a video camera that contains a compression circuit and a computer with a TCP/IP


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IP Camera Solutions 2011.01. ? Total Solution Full Line-up : VGA, D1, HD, Full HD, 1MP~5MP Megapixel H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG Codec Dual/Multiple Streaming ONVIF


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IVC Overview
IP Video Solutions from IVC . Key Features . Converts Video into Data at the Camera - Cameras are Network Devices ; Flexible Communication ? TCP/IP ? Ethernet


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Global Surveillance System, Inc. presents: IP Camera Training
Global Surveillance System, Inc. presents: IP Camera Training . Sponsored by Full scale security system design from our proven solutions for CCTV, IP, Wireless


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咀路影像毕控陪?用 IP surveillance and Solutions
- Most complete POE cameras, IR camera, Speed Dome, Box cameras - Customers don customers' requirements - Asoni core team has many years experiences in IP solutions.


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Summary - Part 3 - Objectives
IP camera and video server solutions are ideal for sharing high-quality video streams over existing computer networks.


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Mobile LPR CAMERA SELECTION Low and high speed solutions
Solutions . All of the systems (IP or CCTV) employ the same SeeCar OCR engine, which will run Solutions . Camera/Illumination unit for access-control applications . B&W


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Getting Data from the ARM Archive
Getting Data from the ARM Archive . Orientation for new. Science Team Members


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Slide 1
Video surveillancesolutions. IP Camera Solutions. CCTV Camera Solutions


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