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Editing OWL Ontologies with Protégé

Editing OWL Ontologies with Protégé
Editing OWL Ontologies with Protégé . Holger Knublauch. Stanford University. July 06, 2004


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Where can I find some ontologies? SWOOGLE; Protégé OWL / CO-ODE web pages Editing along other axis ? eg partonomy; Fuzziness; Optionality


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Ontologies for Information Fusion
Environments for creation of ontologies (Protégé reasoning usage, tutorials ? OWL Guide, Ontologies 101 support, integrated browsing/editing


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Semantic Web
... architecture for the creation of customized knowledge-based applications. Protégé's OWL Plug-in now provides support for editing Semantic Web ontologies.


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Ontology Generation and Applications
Although editing tools such as Protege [1] and OilEd [2] have been developed to help users www.owl-ontologies.com/unnamed.owl#" xml:base="http://www.owl-ontologies


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JessTab Tutorial
Managing Protégé ontologies with Jess JessTab and Protégé OWL; Example Limited support for editing and customization of definition editors in Protégé


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OWL, SPARQL, Jena and Protégé
DAY 88 . OWL, SPARQL, Jena and Protégé . 1 . OWL, SPARQL, JENA, PROTEGE Import of owl ontologies, RDF, DAML into suitable models (persistent or


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An Industrial Perspective on the Semantic Web
Tools are available for editing, publication and linking between distinct OWL ontologies; OWL/P Proof NIH (Protégé, NCBO), NSF, some small DoD funding


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Technology Infusion Working Group
Ontology languages: RDF, OWL (OWL-Lite, OWL-DL, OWL-Full) Ontology editing and visualization: Protege Ontologies: SWEET. Upper level ontology for Earth


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Health Informatics in Practice and Research: State of the
Meta Data, Standards . and Ontologies (informatics) Distributed editing of a complex information Protégé/OWL. LEXGRID . Ontology Model; Linkages between ICD and:


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