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Vocal nodules C GERD ?

Benign lesions on vocal cords causing hoarseness
Benign lesions on vocal cords causing hoarseness Medical problems ? DM, GERD, Thyroid VC Nodules . 3 stages: An inflammatory phase with


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Manifestation and Diagnosis of Pediatric Laryngopharyngeal
Bothwell MR 1999 (EBM C) : 89% (25/28) of for FESS show improvement w/o surgery with GERD Erythema and edema of anterior commissure, vocal


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Benign lesions of larynx
Vocal nodules 6. Leukoplakia. 2. Vocal polyp Cystic. 3. Reinke’s Contact granuloma in GERD


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Common Voice Disorders
... pt. is a 37 y.o. grade school teacher who c/o There is no sx of GERD. She is a non-smoker. Your Vocal Nodules: More common in boys ; More common in women


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Diseases of the Larynx
Gastroesophageal reflux disease - GERD . Most common cause of Sarcoidosis Supraglottic swelling, nodules Vocal cord paralysis . Laryngomalacia


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PowerPoint Presentation
Neoplastic : vocal cord polyps, nodules, granuloma, cysts , laryngeal carcinoma, leukoplakia. atrophy, vocal cord scarring, hypothyroidism, Reinke’s edema, GERD


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Physiology of the Voice
Vocal abuse: (can result in nodules, polyps, hemorrhaging, general irritation irritation, burning or swelling on vocal cords/larynx; Two types: “GERD”:


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Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
Uncontrolled GERD/LPR; RRP exacerbated Presently, not enough evidence to warrant C Vocal cord nodules; Tracheomalacia (stridor since birth)


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Gastroespohageal Reflux Disease (GERD) & Laryngopharyngeal
GERD: an abnormal amount of reflux up through the lower sphincters and into Vocal nodules; Laryngospasm; Arytenoid fixation; Laryngeal stenosis; Carcinoma of the larynx


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Evaluation of the Hoarse Patient
Chronic - nodules - voice rehab Acute severe GERD - mucosal edema = hoarseness, halitosis, dry TVC paralysis, RLN paralysis v. complete vocal cord


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