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Virus structure, classification and replication

Virus structure, classification and replication
(From Medical Microbiology, 4 th ed., Murray, Rosenthal, Kobayashi & Pfaller, Mosby Inc., 2002, Fig. 65-1.) Under attack!


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Virus structure, classification and replication
m k a k l l v l l c a l a a t d a d t i f1 * r q n y w s c y v h l q l q m q t q y f2


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Virus structure, classification and replication
Major target tissues of viral disease. (*) indicates progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Infection by viruses indicated by (**) results in an immune-mediated


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Virus Classification And Description
Virus Classification And Description Size of virion and genome; Capsid structure; Host; Replication mechanism


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Virology - Lecture #1
To understand the classification of viruses . 4. To understand the replication Virus Structure . ii) proteins: Virus Classification . Viruses with


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Virology; the study of viruses
Its principles are fundamental to an understanding of virus classification and genome replication arrows) can be seen within the envelope. Enveloped Structure of


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PowerPoint Presentation
Classification of VIRUSES . Viruses are separated into major groupings called families on the basis of morphology, genome structure, and replication. Virus families


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MICR 306 Applications of Viruses and Fungi (Part 2)
... of virus classification is based on the structure/composition (Primary characteristics) of the virus particle (virion), in some cases, the mode of replication (Secondary


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Virions, Prions, and Viroids: Infectious Agents of Animals
Structure. Classification. Methods of study. Viral Genome structure (DNA or RNA, ss vs. ds, segmented or not) Virus particle structure Replication of NA and protein


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VIRUS STRUCTURE . Additional Components. Genetic ANIMAL VIRUS CLASSIFICATION . All viruses are not grouped of the enzymes required for viral replication have


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