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Modeling with finite domain constraints II

Modeling with finite domain constraints II
6/8/11 . 1 . Modeling with finite domain constraints II . Kris Kuchcinski . [email protected]


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Functional Test Generation using Constraint Logic Programming
LIRMM, Université de Montpellier II Constraint solving over finite domain; A native Prolog CLP-SAT ? Modeling the Constraints . A # ? B # ? Z


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Controller Design Using Multiple Models of Computation
Continuous-time (CT) domain in Ptolemy II . Input domain-oriented modeling language; modeling actors with propagating type constraints and


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Software Product Line Testing Part II : Variability Modeling
Part II : Variability Modeling . Myra Cohen Matthew Dwyer Domain: finite set of values - D . Relation: a P., Cardinality-based Feature Modeling and Constraints


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An Overview of Constraint Programming
Basic Constraints in Finite Domain Constraint Programming Propagation to Problem Solving see Part II Modeling ACC 97/98 as Constraint Satisfaction


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Structure and Randomization: Common Themes in AI/OR Carla
Modeling Languages. Linear & Non-linear (In problems we have to deal with more complex constraints variable is associated a non-empty finite domain.


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Introduction to Finite Element Method
... energy of the structure over the whole domain. (II structure under general loadings and constraints with Chronicle of Finite Element Method . Year . Scholar


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Conceptual Modeling for ETL processes
ETL Constraints; finite set of attributes, a single Domain mismatch DM) Unary transformations. Push The Arktos II project is aimed towards the


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Constraint-Based Scheduling in the Real World
Finite-Capacity Scheduling . Specify activities Cross-domain constraints: constraints to be added to Effective Domain Modeling is Hard . Example: large


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Hybrid Synchronous Languages
Finite domain; Propositional logic (SAT) Nov 1995, Hybrid Systems II, LNCS 999. Alenius, Gupta “Modeling CP’98 Workshop on Modeling and Constraints, Oct 1998.


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