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How to create linked data:examples from archives, libraries, museums, and dbpedia. Workshop, 15. seminar Arhivi, Knij?nice, Muzeji. 24 Nov 2011, Pore?, Croatia


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Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
The Guidance is shorter, more user friendly, and highlights the funding priorities. (High, Medium, Low) Changes were made to application questions to enhance the


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Workshop: Preventive Maintenance
Project Goals . Implement SAP Plant Maintenance system . Provide integration with Financials, HR, and Materials; Allow enhanced scheduling and planning for work


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1 . TOWARDS A GREEN ECONOMY Workshop . 5 July 2011 . Programme “Sustainable Economic Development and Employment Promotion (EEP)


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Workshop: Using Visualization in Teaching Introductory E&M
1 . P14- Workshop: Using Visualization in Teaching Introductory E&M AAPT National Summer Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Organizers: John Belcher, Peter


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Workshop: Cognitive Processing Therapy
Workshop: Cognitive Processing Therapy ? Patricia A. Resick, Candice M. Monson & Kathleen M. Chard, 2006 First, let’s talk implementation What would it take for


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Industrial Radiography RCRA Workshop Part II
August 25, 2010, 10:30-12:30 . Presented by Christina Coffel. Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. Land Protection Division. Hazardous Waste Compliance Section


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Welcome to The Leadership Challenge? Workshop
The Leadership Challenge? Workshop Facilitator‘s Guide, Third Ed., Rev. Copyright ? 2006 by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. Reproduced by permission of


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Preceptor/Mentor Workshop
Preceptor/Mentor Workshop . Gail Biesemeyer, MSN, RN. Karen Gottlieb, RN, MSN, EdD, CCRN


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Workshop on
Workshop on “Statistical Organisation and Management for SADC Member States” Luanda, 2 ? 6 December 2006 ----- Strategy based Human Resources Management


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