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Bluetooth and Mobile IP

Bluetooth and Mobile IP
Wireless Networks Spring 2005 . Bluetooth . Consortium: Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Nokia, Toshiba… Scenarios: connection of peripheral devices


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Mobile IP
Bluetooth; Low cost, short range radio links between mobile devices Mobile IP Entities . Mobile Node (MN) The entity that may change its point of


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Mobile IP: Security Issues
2 . Current State of Mobile Computing . Mobile computers are one of the fastest growing segments of the PC market; Short-range wireless networks (Bluetooth


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Quality-of-Service in IP Services over Bluetooth Ad-Hoc Networks
The BLUEPAC (BLUEtooth Public ACcess) can enable mobile Bluetooth devices to access local area networks. Introduction BT can access IP network services using the IETF


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Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications ? Short
Mobile IP ; Wireless middleware (WAP, iMode, J2ME, BREW, MMIT) Wireless Networks; Wireless PANs (Sensor Networks, Bluetooth, UWB) Wireless LANs (Wi-Fi


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Slide 1
G53SEC Mobile Security GSM, UTMS, Wi-Fi and some Bluetooth * * Technology ? easier eavesdropping Wifi ? e.g. attacker in car park * Mbile IP ? allow mobile


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Wireless Networks
Wireless LANs: Bluetooth; Mobile IP . WirelessNetworks8.ppt . Multihop ad hoc networks: Routing protocols . WirelessNetworks9.ppt . Multihop ad hoc networks: Topology and


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Mobile Communications
IEEE 802.11a/b/g, .15, Bluetooth ; Network Protocols; Mobile IP; Ad-hoc networking; Routing; Transport Protocols; Reliable transmission; Flow control; Quality of Service


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Security Issues, Concepts and Strategies in Wireless And
Some Commonly Used Mobile and Wireless and Mobile Systems and Protocols: 802.11; Bluetooth; Mobile IP


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Anton Kozlov Mobile IP: Security Issues
Mobile IP: Security Issues . Survey of security chapters from the book by Short-range wireless networks (Bluetooth) available from IBM, Toshiba, Dell, HP…


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