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Semantic Web Ontologies

Semantic Web Ontologies
Semantic Web Ontologies . CS 431 ? 20040317. Carl Lagoze ? Cornell University . Acknowledgements: Alun Preece


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Semantic Web and RDF Ontologies
Semantic Web and RDF Ontologies . Mehmet Aktas. Marlon Pierce. Indiana University


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Ontologies & the Semantic Web for Semantic Interoperability
2 . Overview . The Problem; Tightness of Coupling & Explicit Semantics; Semantic Integration Implies Semantic Composition; Dimensions of Interoperability & Integration


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The Semantic Web: Ontologies and OWL
Summary 1 . DLs are family of object oriented KR formalisms related to frames and Semantic networks; Distinguished by formal semantics and inference services


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Ontology Engineering for the Semantic Web and Beyond
Going deeper: Common problems and solutions; Ontologies in the Semantic Web languages; Current research issues in ontology engineering


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CS 9010: Semantic Web
CS 9010: Semantic Web . Ontologies and OWL . Paula Matuszek. Spring, 2006 Others . OWL has a special status within the semantic web community.


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Automating Ontology Building: Ontologies for the Semantic
1 . Automating Ontology Building: Ontologies for the Semantic Web and Knowledge Management . Christopher BREWSTER. Department of Computer Science,


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Consistency Checking of Semantic Web Ontologies
1 . Consistency Checking of Semantic Web Ontologies . Kenneth Baclawski, Northeastern U. & VIS. Mieczyslaw M. Kokar, Northeastern U. & VIS. Richard Waldinger, SRI


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Semantic Web Technologies
Using Taxonomies & Ontologies . For the Semantic Web… Semantic meaning can be represented & used; You can use (& re-use) information structures that describe


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Using Ontologies in the Metatomix ERI Platform
Introduction . Ontologies are a standards-based representation of Information Models; Technology comes from Knowledge Management and Semantic Web fields


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