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NMS for 3G

NMS for 3G
3G Basics Training Module Contents: Operator challenge of managing WCDMA Benefits & what is new with Nokia NMS for 3G ? Nokia NMS logical architecture


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3G Tutorial
3G Tutorial . Brough Turner & Marc Orange . Originally presented at Fall VON 2002


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3G Tutorial
Times New Roman Arial Black Arial Wingdings Courier Arial Narrow NMS_Template_12-03 Microsoft Visio Drawing 3G Tutorial Preface... 1G ― Separate Frequencies


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3G Tutorial
2G handset to 3G handset: by combining TrFO and TFO, in-path transcoders can be NMS HearSay Solution . Application/ Document Server . OAM&P . Speech Server . MSC


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3G Tutorial
3G Tutorial Brough Turner & Marc Orange Originally presented at Fall VON 2002 authors would like to acknowledgement material contributions from: Murtaza Amiji, NMS


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IT Trends
Software Applications (OSS / BSS / NSS /NMS / ERP) Communications (FDMA/ TDMA/ CDMA / GSM/ GPRS / 3G) Integration (EAI) Categorization of computerized systems Control


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PWE Key deployments
Case Studies APAC - Wireless Backhaul (2G,3G-ATM and 3G-IP) CALA - ATM IMA and ISP Multi- domain IP FTP client FTP Server FTP client 360 nodes C_STM1 E1’s NMS


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NMS Developer Conference - Munich
Marketing Director, NMS Kirk Mosher Sr. Product Line Manager, Netra Systems, Sun DoCoMo Japan Users reluctant to use video calls Calling party must have a 3G phone


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3G Tutorial
Murtaza Amiji, NMS Communications; Samuel S. May, Senior Research Analyst, Almost all accepted 3G radio standards are based on CDMA; CDMA2000, W-CDMA and TD


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Evolution to 3G : Financial and Technical Perspectives
NMS . VMS . SMS . PPS . VPN . HLR . RFC . IWF . E1. IS658 . CDMA (IS-2000) STP . ITU-T medium rate data services and create higher rate data service need with 3G


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