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Euphemism Dysphemism

Euphemism + Dysphemism
Euphemism + Dysphemism . Definition: Substituting one word for another in order to make something sound better or less offensive then it is.


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Semantic Change . Generalization; Specialization; Metaphorical Extension; Euphemism; Dysphemism; Pejoration; Amelioration


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Rhetorical Devices
Slanters: Euphemism and Dysphemism; Persuasive Comparisons, Definitions and


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ENG 312: Final Exam Language Awareness by Eschholz
deduction vs. induction; euphemism vs. dysphemism; objective vs. subjective; status vs. connection (power/solidarity) topic vs. thesis sentence


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Persuasion Through Rhetoric
Euphemism: “Used cars” become “pre-owned vehicles”. Dysphemism: “Music” becomes “noise”. Note: Reports and descriptions may convey pleasant or unpleasant


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A euphemism =df. A word or expression which is neutral or positive and which is used A dysphemism =df. A word or expression which either produces a negative effect on the


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Semantics and Lexicology
Change of connotation . Pejorative and ameliorative; Euphemism and dysphemism; Hyperbole and litotes


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What is a text?
Expectations; Level of personal reference; Style (from euphemism to dysphemism) Repertoire of scripts; Ritualised language; Loaded language


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Thought and Language
The opposite of a euphemism is a dysphemism. Dysphemisms are used to produce a negative effect on a listener’s or reader’s attitude toward something or to


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Acceptable and Not Acceptable Uses of Doublespeak
Euphemism: Definition . Defined: the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague Note: “bought the farm” would properly be labeled as a dysphemism


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