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Monday-Do Now

Monday-Do Now
Monday-Do Now . If your name is on the back board, come to my desk and finish your test. Period 1: If your name is not on the back board, grab a packet, on the


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Movement Across cell Membranes
Bring in a printed copy of your background information section to class on Monday!!! Do Now: Take out the lab packet and data from last Thursday.


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Homework Sept 3
Do Now Sept 30 . DAB, take out letter about textbook, and/or old note too (about Starbase), and covered textbook; In journal, look through your textbook and write


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Today’s Class
Due at the start of class, Monday. Do Exercises 3.1, -2, -3, -4, -7, -8, -9 (pp (There’s a hard drive, but we’ll ignore it for now) When we start


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WELCOME !! Training of Trainers for Community Mobilization
“Do It Now!” Participants. Teams of 2; Prepare a 1-2 hour APA Meeting to conduct with a village group Monday . Do it now ! Yes, that’s right, go ahead and do it


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PowerPoint Presentation
... For Monday, do problems 18.1-18.11. Since R groups activate the ring, the alkylated product (C 6 H 5 R) is now


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Denominator could be something else, but for now think price For Monday . Do you think the imposition of rent control in Isla Vista would be


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