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Storage of sensitive data in a Java enabled cell phone

Trust, Privacy, and Security
... MANET routing is used Multi media card - in cell phone uses BT Class 1 to discover all kinds of BT-enabled From your computer: keylogs your passwords, sensitive data


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CSIT 72 Electronic Commerce Technologies
emergency cell phone calls; Wireless carriers must End users can use Web-enabled mobile phone or PDA to access Sensitive data is stored safely on the trusted device.


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... is the not the first try (DCE, SunRPC, COM, Java Session mobility Walk into office, switch from cell phone to most of these functions Pushing context-sensitive data to


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New Trends in Mobile Computing: Medical Applications and
... Cooper, 1973; first cell phone (Take is too costly and very sensitive, Manual data Handset layouts, Storage, Connectivity, Messaging, Web browser, Java


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CSE 634 Data Mining Concepts & Techniques
MOBILE COMPUTING (TCS-054) Anurag Malik Shivanshu Rastogi Associate Professor Assistant Professor CE & IT Dept. M.I.T Moradabad B.Tech VIII CS / IT


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Title: Arial 28pt.
... commit tran 2> go 1> select phone 2 and insert data enmass The Re-Match JAVA UDT’s Summary Limited Data Storage Other uses for FGAC Date sensitive data Prevent


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Readiness Assessment December 14, 2001


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... out across releases, see roadmap Java API IP Softphone one-X Portal one-X Deskphone TDM / Analog SIP/H.323 Office Cell Phone identified from real-time data stream


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The principles and concepts behind Smartphones
Very little storage ? a few hundred Data handling on the cell phone . Monitoring and Control Software health records store more and more sensitive


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Lecture 9: Digital Signal Processors: Applications and
Extremely cost sensitive; Small word size - 8 bit code size (one of the motivations initially for Java) and micro-architectural features that enabled product


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