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New Trends in U.S. IP Litigation Relevant to German

New Trends in U.S. IP Litigation Relevant to German Companies
New Trends in U.S. IP Litigation Relevant to German Companies . Presentation at German American Lawyers Association ? Apr. 24, 2010 . By: Eric R. Hubbard


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Global Patent Litigation: Win Rates and Strategies
... Big Picture and Changing Landscape from U.S Global Patent Litigation: Trends & Predictions India, damages awards/decisions in other IP areas relevant


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U.S. AND GLOBAL PATENT LITIGATION FORUM-SHOPPING involve a related U.S. case. As of 2007, the Global IP begin to drive U.S. forum-shopping China joins WTO German


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Trends in API / Pharma Patent Filing and The relevant ICH guideline is “Impurities in New Drug Substances Q3A (R2 A U.S. Supreme Court decision that


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EU ? U.S. dominant firm conduct
... enforcement trends regarding cartels, single dominance, single firm conduct and intellectual property models to the U.S. civil litigation Antitrust? a German


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PIUG, Inc. 2009 Annual Business Meeting Sunday, May 3, 2009
... scientific literature records 187 million intellectual property Korea Up-to-date classifications: European, U.S help you learn about technology or industry trends


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2009 Big Bet Template
... beginning of a new era in how IBM will manage intellectual property. around intellectual property rights and increases speculation and litigation. Leadership (U.S


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... A * PatentAtlas ? Data Millions of U.S. patent Uses Product Development Maintenance Prosecution Litigation M Arial Times New Roman default 1_default 2_default


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DIVIDERS.PPT - Instructional Media & Magic
Dividers Template and Content


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International Perspectives on Public Research Organizations
... to this effect These policy trends echo the Wireless:In U.S. 31% use wireless major revenues, involvement in litigation, management of big portfolios) in IP


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