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USAFP: AHLTA Master Coder Template
Double click over the USAFP coding folder. You will see the master coder template appear here. Ensure you see the word


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USAFP: AHLTA Master Coder Template
... First Place your USAFP coding CD into the CD drive on your computer


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PowerPoint Presentation
ESTABLISHED OFFICE VISIT Source: 2009 Coding for Compliance ? Nxxxx http://www.usafp.org/AHLTA-3_3-Information-FAQs.htm . 26


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Briefing: Coding for Compliance-E&M Leveling
ESTABLISHED OFFICE VISIT Source: 2009 Coding for Compliance ? Nancy HTTP://AHLTA.BLOGSPOT.COM; http://www.usafp.org/AHLTA-3_3-Information-FAQs.htm


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