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Anaesthesia and the Obese Patient

Anesthesia for the Obese Patient
The anesthetized obese patient’s airway creates an increase risk for regurgitation and pulmonary aspiration; Obese patients have great volumes and more


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Anaesthesia and the Obese Patient
Anaesthesia and the Obese Patient . Lucy Smith Consultant Anaesthetist, St George’s Hospital 15th January 2009


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Pulmonary and cardiovascular derangements in the obese patient. In Brown BR, editor. Anesthesia and the Obese Patient. Philadelphia, FA Davis 1082:26.)


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Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group PATIENT SAFETY UPDATE March 2012 It’s how you do the Obese patient... intubation unexpectedly difficult... McCoy laryngoscope


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... 184 reports received, 77 were obese 133 reports of anaesthesia, 53 were obese Deaths * But if we compare the morbidly obese to those patient of BMI 20-30 who might be


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Considerations: Spinal & Epidural Anesthesia
Patient is Alert earlier postoperative . Lower incidence of Nausea/Vomiting Try midline approach for obese. Use 22 g needle to identify bony landmarks


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Solutions for difficult situations in bariatric surgery
The real risk patient in Anaesthesia . J P Mulier, MD PhD. B Dillemans, MD Seldom obese patients, however; Other rarities; Search active for them


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Prone Positioning Under Anesthesia
Anaesthesia. 1996 Sep;51(9):819-22. 5 Sudheer PS et al.. oxygenation, and compliance, esp in obese How does one manage cardiac arrest in a prone patient?


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UND Student Presentations - PowerPoint Presentation
Evidence of pulmonary aspiration during difficult airway management of a morbidly obese patient with the LMA CTrach. British Journal of Anaesthesia; 100(2


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Hip Fracture Is there a best anaesthetic technique?
Age Anaesthesia 2007 . Hip Fracture Is there a best UK centre I have only seen a hip fracture patient Aspiration pneumonitis following LMA GA in obese


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